The Amazing Skytube (tm) from skydome skylight systems are the ultimate natural light solution

Skytube™ delivers up to eight times more light than most other brands, size for size. As mentioned above the reflective technology, used in Skytube is one of the highest eco reflective materials known to mankind. It also delivers a most natural and warm golden light - and we are able to avoid elbows and bends in our tube because of our patented Variable Pitch Adaptor.

Further unique features include :

Recipient of the Australian Design Mark.
Fully injected moulded components.
Minimum Ultra Violet
Controllable air flow.
Energy Efficient. The Skytube scores a 2; the highest rating on the SEDA Energy Smart Homes Score card.
Decorator ceiling fixtures.
Choice of gold , silver or white ceiling surround.
The TRIO Skytube includes ducted exhaust ventilation, daylight and electrical lighting all three functions delivered from the one ceiling opening.

These amazing small diameter (250mm/10") tubular skylights have proven the ideal natural lighting solution for small areas such as bathrooms, pantries, hallways, walk in wardrobes and kitchens. They provide a perfect solution for small dark areas where a traditional Skydome is too big or cannot be fitted for structural reasons.

They come with specific flashings to suit every roof type - concrete tile, terracotta tile, corrugated iron, metal deck or a universal flashing. They can also include a ducted extractor fan or wind operated ventilations system

You can even light up the ground floor of a two storey building (providing there is access through the upper storey) using the patented Lazerlens Daylight Booster. The Lazerlens is an award winning refractor that allows natural light to travel up to 6 metres (20').

The basic Skytube ceilling diffuser has a white rim with a slightly convex lens that looks like an elegant, frosted glass oyster light fitting. You can enhance your decor by choosing one of their leadlight ceiling diffusers and/or a gold or silver ring.

From one neat ceiling opening you can combine a skylight with either an electrical light fitting within the tube and ducted ventilation or both. Ducted venting can exhaust either to an eave vent (as pictured at right) or to a roof top vent with a choice of two in line fans - Econoflow 65 lps or Superflow 89 lps. The more powerful fan is used for duct runs in excess of 3M.

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