The Australian Native Nurseries Group

The situated in the Perth village of Oakford which is retailing nursery equipment and open whole 7 days in a week throughout the year excluding for the 25th December to 2nd January. Australian Native Nurseries Group's retails the plants full-grown with some other nurseries in a Group, along with plants grown by the Oakford Native Nursery.

They are generating more than 800 different varieties of Australian plants as well as trees, shrubs, wildflowers, groundcovers, grasses, rushes, sedges and climbing plants.

Mission of Australian Native Nurseries Group's a mini Statement: -

a) To developing a rising ranges of Western Australian flora for sale.

b) Provide the superiority information, personal service and guidance related to it.

c) Western Australia's flora is extraordinary and diverse.

d) It required a sustainable future as it replicates his exclusive Australian landscape and spirit.


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