The PolyTrough 1200 by NEP Solar

The PolyTrough 1200 is a small roof and ground mountable parabolic trough collector developed for:

High performance up to 220°C
Ease of installation without lifting equipment
Flexible configurations
Efficient shipping in ISO compliant containers
Low cost per kWh delivered

The solar heat is used in thermal applications such as:

Industrial processes
Solar cooling systems
Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) for production of electricity

The PolyTrough 1200 standard collector module is 1.2m wide, 24m long and 1.6m high. It consists of

12 composite reflector panels, each 2m long by 1.2m aperture
5 rigid galvanized steel mounts for ground or roof mounting with flexible spacing
A structurally efficient galvanized torque tube
A tubular receiver with glass envelope or optional "shrouded receiver"
An accurate solar tracking system

The reflector is manufactured using a proprietary one-step manufacturing process. The patented process results in a lightweight, stiff and accurate surface.

The PolyTrough 1200’s design and ISO compliant packaging features allow for easy transport, mounting and installation.

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