The TumbleTainer

At Source Organics, TumbleTainer is a turning, aerated 13-metre container, which hasten and optimizes fertilize-ring in restricted circumstances. At foundation Organics TumbleTainer is capable to compost just about 2,000 tons each year of organic waste translate it into expensive fertilizer, supercilious a 7-day maintenance cycle.

Contending systems manage on a 3-4 day preservation phase so there is possible to significantly enlarge the coordination output. Otherwise enlargements are probable if the warm moist gases commencing from the TumbleTainer are ducted to foodstuff construction systems (e.g. hot houses) and/or front-end power systems are growing through bio diesel and biogas.

Prices for carbon praise may contrast extensively, with trade of up to 12.50 Euro per tons of CO2e organism estimated in Europe by positioning Carbon.


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