Care should be implementing at what time of choosing ceramic tiles. Beaumont Tiles should be proper for the profession they are anticipated for, and it is important to ensure the estimated use is corresponding undoubtedly to the tile expert at the time of selection.

1. Beaumont Tiles Floor wrapper on those areas which is hike on basically with soft soled footwear or stripped feet without grazing dirt (e.g. domestic bathrooms and bedrooms without direct access from the outside).

2. Floor coverings in those areas that are walked on with soft soled or normal footwear with, at the most, occasional small amount of scratching dirt (e.g. rooms in the living areas of homes, but the exception of kitchens, entrance ways and other rooms which may have a lot of traffic).

3. Floor coverings on those areas which are hike on pretty frequently with normal footwear and small amounts of grazing dirt (e.g. halls, kitchens, corridors, balconies, lobbies and terraces).

4. Floor coverings on those areas which are issue to substantial traffic with some scrape dirt so that the circumstances are the largest part harsh for which glossy floor tiles are appropriate (e.g. entrances, work rooms, restaurants and exhibition and sales rooms as well as other rooms in public and private buildings not mentioned in Classes 1, 2, 3).

5. The utmost confrontation accomplish for distant tiles beside footwear traffic and resistant to staining agents. Particularly considered for heavy traffic commercial request and locations.

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