Urban Ecology & The Architecture Of

Ecopolis Architects Cities are at the centre of the rainstorm of environmental demolition. The whole thing in the biosphere is attached and metropolitan or cities are component of the universal ecosystem. Ecopolis Architects represent the values of the civilization that formed them. Industrialized civilization has demoralized the environment and the society to depart us with cities which suck their hinterlands dry. City and country are mutually dependent on each other and each city's hunger for land to feed, house and fuel its increasing population that has been aggravated by industrial colonialism so that cities now expand transversely the face of the planet like a cancer.

But cities are the human nest - they are where most of people survive. They might be shimmering the standards of life-enhancing, health-giving cultures. If cities are central to the difficulty of the eco crisis they must be central to its clarification. In the last few years a universal movement has developed which seeks to bring ecological cities, in stability with environment.


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