Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Product Attributes

Armstrong World Industries Vinyl Sheet Flooring product line has been re designing with colors and patterns that replicate current universal tendency. The product which is also has the ability of the thickest urethane coating which is available, improving & maintains ability now its contain the uses of recycled PVC

Armstrong World Industries Vinyl Sheet Flooring product has special identical formulation which is as well as replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floorboards. Defensive polyurethane finish diminishes initial and enduring preservation and increases scrape confrontation. 

The stamped exterior texture and extremely accented jaspe (multi-color chip) visual help hide dirt and wear patterns formed in high traffic collection. 24 colors approach to facilitate multiple color combinations within the product collection.

It has excellent durability

a) Maintainability & resilience and

b) Resistance to indentation,

c) Rolling loads,

d) Dirt & static loads.


a) Healthcare,

b) Education,

c) Office and

d) Hospitality

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