Waste Database

The Australian Waste Database (AWD) is a presently a combined effort between CSIRO and the Department of Environment & Heritage. The AWD is being developed in reaction which is necessary to make available a monitoring method for Commonwealth and State eco waste disposal as well as addressing subsequently generating the waste management strategies.

Australian Waste Database provides a summary of the waste management circumstances in a variety of constituency of Australia. Specifically, it offers a national Solid Waste & Hazardous Waste categorization System Provides a Guidance Manual for Solid Waste Composition Studies. For both Urban Solid & Manifested Hazardous Waste it Provides the data on Disposal & Waste generation in Australia. Standard reports are provided via Reports in the panel bar.

Standard Reports are creating from the data generally provided by the State EPAs and Waste Authorities. The ongoing development of the Database is thus, effectively totally based upon the accessibility of the data inputs from these organizations.


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