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The journey of drinking water is starts from one of Australia's catchments reservoirs then travels through the mains system to your building, where we refine it with our Multi-Stage purifier System.

The outcome is hygienic, freshly filtered water that tastes great whilst maintain the goodness of existing minerals.

Unlimited Water's water filter configuration explicitly treats the mains water supplies, whereby chlorine is added, and dirt, rust and other impurities can discover their way into the water downstream from the source reservoirs.

Our multi-stage water filters eliminate these chemicals and impurities together with heavy metal elimination and microbiological control, to generate hygienic, fresh, food grade drinking water that Tastes Great, whilst retaining the goodness of existing minerals.

Unlimited Water Filters are manufactured and tested in accordance with NSF International (the world's independent standards authority for drinking water systems) and water filter handling is managed in line with these International (and Australian) standards. 

Testament to the Quality Unlimited Water filters and coolers is the actuality many Thousands of Australian Companies and their estimated 100,000's of employees carry on to take pleasure in drinking from Unlimited Water Coolers at their place of work every day.

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