Water Recycling

Water Recycling

Barry Bros. Specialized Services has evaluated an exclusive mobile liquid treatment service that can cost-effectively treat liquid hold solids onsite and offer a water recycling opportunities. The unit can be merging with traditional techniques of liquid waste collection including submersible pumps and vacuum-equipped trucks to present on site waste treatment and recycling. The resultant treated liquid in many cases is of sufficient quality to recycle back into the process, reducing both water consumption and the level of liquid release.

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The mobile procedure can handle waste volumes up to 8,000 liters per/hour with solids concentrations ranging from 0.1% to 3% solids. Using a revolutionary Tangential Flow management and combining this with the electronically metered addition of bottom chemicals the units can:

> Remove suspended solids

> Treat and neutralize acidic or alkaline waste

> Reduce organic waste loads (dissolved and undisclosed)

> Provide valuable opportunities to recycle process water

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