Central Tablelands Water looks for appliances that decrease water use. Shower heads, washing machines, taps, dishwashers and toilets with excellent water efficiency are rated 

AAA or upper then it. 

Take shorter showers. 

Pool covers help to decrease vanishing.

Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.

Use a container and not the hosepipe to wash your car.

Only use the washing machine or dishwasher when it's full.

Toilets are big water users. Use the full flush only when required.

Use a broom as an alternative of a hose to clean paths and driveways.

Use the water meter to check for hidden leaks in the plumbing and water using appliances.

Installing aerators and flow regulators on kitchen and bathroom taps is an inexpensive way to use less water.

Central Tablelands Water's Water Wise is a front loading washing machines which save water, energy and detergent.

Clean and peel vegetables in a plugged sink rather than with the water running.

Change old tap washers with ceramic seals.

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