Elegant Wattleseed.

Enjoy the coffee like (but caffine free!) eco mocha hazelnut flavour as a direct coffee substitute with Wattleseed. Or get fancy with this Endlessly Versatile spice.  Soak in warm milk or water first and then use both the liquid & the seed in your cooking to more fully bring out the flavour. 

Add Wattleseed to breads, ice-cream, biscuits, pastries, cream, scones & pancakes for a real Australian experience.

Contact us to find out what else Wattleseed can be used for - it can be used for more than just the following:

♦ Wattleseed Bread
♦ Wattleseed Ice-cream
♦ Wattleseed Pastries
♦ Wattleseed Cream
♦ Wattleseed Scones
♦ Wattleseed Pancakes

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