Weed Control Program

Weed Control Program

Here at Tranen, we know just how annoying weeds can be. 

In fact, they are are most often the single biggest factor when it comes to influencing the success of a revegetation program. 

For our team, the first step in any revegetation project analyse the the weed species that are present. After that, we will develop and implement an effective weed control program for the project so they can be rid off as soon as possible. 

To develop this effective weed control program, there needs to be an understanding of the mechanisms for weed reproduction and the reason behind the spread of all the weed species.

We feature several management options for weed management. By taking into consideration of all the possible factors, the most appropriate weed management program can be designed based on all of these reasons.

Our team here at Tranen is very experienced in weed control. We like to use various methods including manual removal and topsoil management through to herbicide application.

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