What are Grid Connected Solar Systems

What are Grid Connected Solar Systems

At CJ Solar, one of the question we get asked a lot is - what exactly are Grid Connected Solar Systems?

It is in fact very simple. Grid Connect systems utilises grid power from the street. However, they use solar panels to reduce the amount of energy used by the home or business.

Here in New South Wales, under the current feed in tariff, a good system will try to use as much of the solar panels energy before feeding any excess back to the grid.

That is, if you have generated about 1000W of energy on your solar system, but you only use 700W, then 300W will be fed into the grid in which you will be credited for. However, if you happen to use 1300W - then you will have to pay for the excess 300W collected from the grid because you have only generated 1000W. 

The best thing about this solar investment is that as electricity prices will go up, your solar system will save even more money for you.

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