Why your company should use EcoCareBags

eCoCareBags are made from the finest quality reusable spun bonded non woven material as it is very economic and is the best substitute for all other plastics.

eCoCareBags can provide exciting promotional advertising and in this day and age it is seen to be sustainable and reusable which means that it more likely to be saved rather that discarded into landfill.
Why use eCoCare Bags? In today’s society all retail companies need to project a care for the environment image. The best and most cost effective way to achieve this is by the packaging that your product is carried or transported.
Look at some of the facts. Non biodegradable plastic can last in the environment for up to 1,000 years. Australians use approximately seven billion plastic shopping bags each year and as such it is estimated that some 50 to 80 million plastic bags enter the Australian environment as litter each year. Just using those facts is sufficient reason to change to using eCoCareBags sustainable products to project your environmentally friendly company image.
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