Wild Birds of Victoria

Wild Birds of Victoria

The Wild Birds of Victoria is a user-friendly guide to the birds of Victoria. It includes the identification and descriptions aids to almost all the birds that live in the wild area in this state.

Viridans is a fully-functional subset of Wild Animals of Victoria and it is operated by using the software as that package and its botanical is equivalent with the Wild Plants of Victoria.

From the Viridans front line database the distribution data is derived, The Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is used this Victorian Fauna Database (VFD), which is based on the principal of zoological database.

All records of this database have been summarized in a grid system with individual grid cells of dimensions that is 10 minutes longitude x 10 minute latitude, which is in Victoria. It translates to the grids which is 15 x 18 km (an area of about 270 km2). There are about 960 10-minute grids that cover up Victoria. There are over 120,000 records in Wild Birds of Victoria.

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