CSR Edmonds' Windmaster has dual bottom bearing system. Windmaster uses two precision bottom bearing assembly and second is steel bearings which is located in a patented. This will ensures quite and smooth operation.

Replaceable bearings, by the homeowner bearings can be easily replaced in Windmaster that's the first domestic vent. The life of a ventilator can be lessened if the dynamic balance of the product is upset by hail damage. Reinforced dome against to the hail. To provide extra resistance against hail Windmaster has a special shatterproof dome designed.

Large range of colors Windmaster is available in an extensive range of colors including - Woodland Grey, Windspray, Mill, Pink Buff, Pale Terracotta, Night Sky, Paperbark, Sandbank, Bushland, Jasper, Ironstone, Blue Ridge, Plantation, Shale Grey, Dune, Surfmist, Classic Cream, Claypot, Headland, Manor Red, Brown, Stromboli, Deep Ocean, Cottage Green, Wilderness, Pale Eucalypt. (Click here for Color Chart)

Withstands sever rain and wind. Windmaster withstood wind velocities of 180km/hr in independent laboratory test and satisfied the international Rain Dynamic Rain Penetration Test.

Lifetime Warranty: For the original installation Edmonds offers a lifetime warranty on the body of the ventilator. A separate 10 year warranty is provided for the bearings but these are easily replaceable.

Fits all roof types: Malleable flashing suits and Windmaster's "Vari-Pitch" throat all roof types with slopes from 0 to 45

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