Worm Farm

Worm Farm

The Tumbleweed Compost Bin's Worm Farm consists of two strong and nesting boxes with a hinged lid. It is a compact, neat and portable unit.

In the top box of Tumbleweed Eco Compost Bins the worms eat and breed and this is where their food is to be found. This box has a perforated base so that any liquid waste can drain through into the bottom box. Solid waste or "worm poo" which is often called castings leftovers in the top box. This makes a good soil conditioner and can be harvested as required.

No any extra boxes are required for that. Mostly the Worms produce more liquid waste than solid as their diet has a high percentage of water. As a result it will take well over a year to fill the top box with castings because construction of solid castings is slow.

All the valuable liquid waste which is a product of worms collects in the bottom box or "catcher box". You can be used it as a fertilizer on your garden by diluting it with equal amounts of water. This can be use as required there is a drain hole so that this can be poured off.

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