24 V compact linear LED luminaire in IP67 offering tremendous modularity and ease of installation. Thin polyurethane encapsulation of the LED tape offering a premium water proof sealing (values), UV resistance (no coloration or increase of absorption) and chemical stability against urban gazes. Extruded and anodized aluminum housing profile with male/female IP67 connectors fed on the luminaire’s sides and attached mounting accessories. Diffuse screwed end caps for a perfect fixture to fixture light overlap. Allows the use of 8 high quality optics. Clear, diffuse or opal optics for soft light settings. Light source assembled using state of the art automated Reel to Reel (R2R) production process supporting LED Linear™ Tj Away® thin flexible circuit board Technology. In combination with ceramic LED packages a thermal resistivity of 16.3 K/W is achieved for an optimal heat dissipation (junction to profile) which guarantees an outstanding lifetime of > 60,000 hrs L80/B10.

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