ZKS-F10 Standalone Face Recognition Time Attendance System

 ZKS F10 is an embedded facial recognition system with the latest version of leading “ZKS™” facial recognition algorithm, which applied for high level time attendance applications. Its classic precision and industrial design are very suitable for Government and big Organizations. It is also suitable for commercial market, such as, Enterprise, Bank, factories and so on
ZKS Group offers a complete time attendance management solution that recognizes one person by comparing live captured facial images with previously registered facial images of the person. In case of matching, system sends logs to server for storing.
ZKS System incorporates ZKS Facial Recognition algorithms and intelligent time attendance technology and meets the fast-growing demands for time & attendance environments, such as Bank, Office, Business Building, Apartment and more.
ZKS Group can provide ZKS time attendance system based on embedded devices with remote control.
High Recognition Accuracy,High Speed of Verification,Leading Reliability,Support TCP/IP networking structure

High Recognition Accuracy: Verification Rate (VR) is higher than 99% and False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is lower than 0.01%
High Speed of Verification: Typically less than 1 second in case of 1:1; and 2 seconds in case of 1: N.
Leading Reliability: High-level patented and optimized recognition algorithms keep the recognition engine always in safe working condition
Support TCP/IP networking structure (Available for Networking-Version Products)
Support offline operations, user can fulfill the works such as enrollment, system setup and user management at the side of terminal.
System Compatibility provides the availability of incorporating the existed Proximity card management system.
Automatic Learning Functionality: System offers the ability to learn and update the facial image in database automatically with the changes of the user’s faces and backgrounds.
Smart and Safe Accessing Management: Many control ways are configured to increase the grade of safe, including door linkage, two-grade door inter-Lock, anti-threaten, anti-tailgating etc.
Environment Adaptability: Based on Patented surface-light-source, system is robust against light changes. It can work round-the-clock.
Traceable events: there is an event record (date/time/face photo) for every door-open.
Processor: TI DM6446 CPU 594 MHz
Storage: SD card 2G (standard), 8G, 16G, 32G available
Network interface: Ethernet 100M base-T
User Capacity: 800 users, every user can register 10 different faces.
Camera sensor Type: CCD
Camera resolution: 640*480 pixels
Card reader: Proximity card reader
Display: 3.0 TFT touch color LCD
Communications: TCP/IP and USB downloading
Show: Time, ID number, Name, Picture
Language: English and other customized languages
Working mode: Time & attendance, standalone, can work persistently
Time & Attendance mode: Face, password, card, face + password and face + card
Size: 206*110*94mm
Weight: 2kg
Valid range of user's height: 1.45 to 1.95m
Installation: 1.1 to 1.25m from the ground (adjustable based on user's average height)
Valid distance between terminal and user: 0.3 to 0.8m
Power supply: DC12V, 800mA, 9.6W (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
Warranty of period: 12 months
Temperature and humidity:-30 - 55, 20%-80%
Options: MIFARE card reader
Applications: Office / hotel / hospital / bank / prison / police station etc

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