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 From chargers and cables to headsets covers and cases, you'll find what you need at Campad Electronic's great prices. Please browse our massive range. We aim to always provide an excellent shopping experience.

We also provide 3G and 4G antenna solutions for your mobile broadband and mobile phone needs. We have options for marine 3G and 4G antenna installations, home or office antennas and in car antenna kits and car cradles.

Originally specialising in design and repair work Campad Electronics now also proudly retails electrical goods and tools utilising our extensive knowledge gained through real world experience and expertise, as well as continuing our repair and design work.

Please note that we are not "lowest price discounters" but we use this web site to provide an insight into our product range. We do not offer the "all time best price on the web" but we sell at very good prices. Given that we have been in business for over thirty five years, we are sure that we can provide great service, honest advice and great prices. If you are looking for the absolutely-lowest-web-price on a product, we may not be able to provide that. If you want advice on "what, how and why" coupled with a good price, please try us. We are always here and will continue to be so in the future to help with installation, advice on usage and upgrades and usage as well as repairs and other services.

Should you have any questions regarding our products ask with confidence as we know our products and are able to advise and help you find the best items for you. We pride ourselves on providing quality goods at exceptional prices as well as providing expert advice.

We are registered for GST. GST has been included in all prices listed where applicable.


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