construction process and detailing

A rewarding construction process is considered with the project brief – designed construction systems and material selections are well developed during the design process.
Selection of materials is based on their intrinsic properties – for durability, heat retention and breathability – ensuring ageless grace.
All associated building costs are assessed throughout the design process – culminating in construction documentation that provides an accurate account of all building costs and forecasted on-site variations.
Research into life cycle performance, longevity and low maintenance solutions prioritises where money should be spent - making informed decisions to get the most out of this valuable resource.
The workmanship in detailing the home, paying particular attention to material and thermal performance, is a collaborative process – critical to achieving quality life cycle standards. Quality detailing will maximise the performance yield of the materials.
Detailed documentation is a reflection of the understanding of the building process. Achieving a cost neutral administration requires open discussion and a collaborative effort between all involved.

contract documentation and administration services
contract documentation and building approvals
Preparation of contract drawings based on the planning approved completed design and design development documentation.
Crafted documentation, built from a succession of collaborators, shall provide an invaluable guide to provide the builders with forwarding planning and minimise risk on site. Foreseeable cost variations can be allowed for and mitigated on-site should situations arise.
Development of construction systems and detailing with engineers and selected builder(s).
Co-ordinate structural and consultant documents for building approvals and construction documentation – ensuring compliance with Australian standards and building codes.

contract administration and variation control
Overseeing the building contract, coordinating builders, trades and consultants,
Ensure building costs are managed throughout the process. A cost neutral solution to administrating building contracts requires open discussion and collaboration of all involved.


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