Discovering eco-friendly and sustainable products with Greenfinder

If you read our previous blog post on being a mindful consumer and living sustainably, you may be wondering, "how do I find eco-friendly and sustainable businesses to engage with?". With Greenfinder, that's how.

At Greenfinder, our mission is to help you live sustainably, to help you minimise your carbon footprint, to help you do your bit for the planet. With over 12,000 businesses listed, we're Australia's #1 green business finder, making us a great resource for finding eco-friendly products and services you can make the switch to today.

Our green marketplace showcases Australian companies who specialise in providing environmentally friendly products and services. It's worth noting that we've limited our marketplace to only these eco-conscious businesses because, like you, going green matters to us too.

We want a world where local businesses are supported, a world where people are treated and paid fairly for their work, and a world where taking care of the environment and the animals that live amongst us matters.

So to get you started, I thought I'd shine a spotlight on three of the top eco-friendly brands from our Greenfinder marketplace:

1. Kadee Botanicals

Kadee Botanicals is a luxury Australian skincare brand that uses only natural, plant-based ingredients. All products are free from toxins and animal-cruelty, and boast an array of health benefits stemming from the gorgeous Australian native botanical plants they're made from, such as Kakadu Plum and Jojoba Oil.

This eco-friendly business was started by business pair Nicholas and Irene. I've had the pleasure of meeting Irene on multiple occasions, and can't express enough how lovely and passionate she is about ensuring the sustainability of her products. The first time I met her she explained to me that "Kadee" is an Indigenous Australian girl's name that means "Mother". Suddenly it all made sense: their products stem from Mother Nature, and, as their website says, "like all good mothers, [the Kadee Botanicals] skincare products instinctively do no harm".

That's why we have featured Kadee Botanicals as the first brand in our Greenfinder online store, currently running alongside our green marketplace, making it even easier for you to do business with eco-friendly brands like Kadee Botanicals. If you're interested, you can check out some of their products in our Body collection .

2. Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market

Flannerys is one of my favourite health stores, stocking a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable products from organic food to toxin- and chemical-free skincare. Personally, I find them to be a great source for goodies like edamame spaghetti, hemp seed oil and a├žai... but in all honestly, if money wasn't an issue, I could very easily walk away with the whole store! You know how people say they get excited about going to Office Works? Well, for me, that's Flannerys! So you can just imagine how happy I was when I found out they're part of our Greenfinder marketplace!

3. Artiwood Australia

Being a trusted brand since 1999, Artiwood are well-known for their eco-friendly toys and baby accessories. They pride themselves on selling products that are not only educational for children, but also safe and sustainable, using products such as rubberwood, bamboo and 100% organically grown cotton. More over, they promote fair work by sourcing products from local Sri Lankan artisans. Suffice to say, we're proud to include Artiwood in our green directory, and I will definitely be keeping them in mind when it comes time for me to start a family, because, like you no doubt, ensuring the health and safety of my children is paramount.

To discover more eco-friendly brands like these, search our green online 

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