Aracaria Biodynamic Farm Project


Aracaria comprises 50 acres in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. The climate is mild and sub-tropical.

Rainfall averages around 2 meters (78 inches) per annum. The area is lush and fertile. We have ocean glimpses to the east, an impressive escarpment to the west and the cone of Mount Chincogan to the north-east. However, our topsoil is thin and rocky and poor. 

The work involves making the land not only as productive as possible but also beautiful and expressive. Central to the 20 year project, about to enter its 11th year, are biodynamic practices. Over the years we have planted hundreds of trees, barriers and have substantially improved the soil. We maintain a weekly stall at the Mullumbimby Farmers Market.

Our farming practice nurtures ecologically an eco system that produces food that is dynamic. This means that it is more than the sum of its parts; it carries life itself. 

Over the years we have been able to quadruple food production and plan to double production again in the the next 24 months. We also market botanicals, chemical-free hydrosols, teas and soaps that feature our botanicals. A larger scale essential oil production may start as soon as next year.

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