Blue Mountains Wildplant Rescue Service

The Blue Mountains Wildplant Rescue Service was formed to help protect and promote the natural values of the Blue Mountains.  

It has been hailed as a model for eco communities around Australia working in a practical way to conserve and extend local biodiversity and to save bushlands from development.

Today, development on bushland, in the Blue Mountains, has slowed down. Although regular rescues are still carried out there are less than in the early days of the service.

As a consequence a much larger proportion of Blue Mountains Wildplant Rescue Service's activities are centred on plant propogation from seeds and cuttings at the nursery.

It has been decided therefore to give the nursery its own distinctive name - "Katoomba Native Plant Nursery".

The success of  Blue Mountains Wildplant Rescue Service has proved that the concept is a good one that could be adapted and effectively used throughout. It is hoped that Wildplant Rescue will also help to change the way Australians think about and treat their landscape

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