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View galleryAt last! A watering system that will save you time, money and your plants. Our product is a unique Australian designed and manufactured self-watering tree guard, created to protect and water our precious trees and plants. Click here to download the Water Tube brochure. Its tree and water conservation properties are extraordinary. Its considerable economic advantages are proven as well. We believe that the Water Tube is a simple, but amazing, solution to an increasing challenge world-wide - how to conserve water but, at the same, time encourage the growth and survival of trees and plants. The Water Tube is scientifically proven by Charles Sturt University (1999) as a way to protect young seedlings and ensure a higher rate of growth and survival. Successful establishment is enhanced by the patented design, since the drip rate progressively slows as the water level drops and encourages young plants to seek moisture on their own. It's easy to install, made from heavy gauge recyclable polyethylene and re-useable for 2 years. Once in place, it waters plants and trees and only needs to be filled once a month. We're not the only ones that think the Water Tube is a great innovation. There are many testimonials on our web site The Water Tube has been endorsed by South East Water Corporation in Melbourne and selected as one of 10 "Best New Innovations for 2005" by the ANLA (American Nursery Landscape Association). Here's what others say: "Council has been using Water Tube tree guards for over two years and have found them to be excellent for fast establishment of avenues of trees and shrubs. Water TubesT have been used successfully in busy streets close to the CBD and vandalism has not been a problem." Water Tube is ideal for use for the following: Hobby farms Holiday houses Remote locations Waterwise gardening Protecting high value plants Revegetation along roadways Mining revegetation works

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