Centre for Design

The Centre for Design promotes sustainability through research, consulting, and capacity building through active dissemination and professional development.

We are recognised internationally for our innovative design methods and tools to support sustainable design of products and services – everything from packaging and consumer products to buildings, suburbs and cities.

As Australia’s key node of activity in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the Centre is dedicated to all aspects of achieving environmental sustainability outcomes, and undertakes fundamental research to inform policy and practice to this end.

The Centre for Design (CfD) is based in the portfolio of Design and Social Content at RMIT’s city campus in Melbourne. RMIT is one of Australia's largest and most respected technical and design universities.

CfD has a long history dating back to 1988. Our reputation as a national and international leader in eco-design was established in the 1990s, and our research interest in sustainable built environments grew in the latter part of the decade.

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