Handmade products.

XSProject originated as an artist's expression highlighting the impact of consumerism on the environment. XSProject evolved into a foundation recognised by the World Fair Trade Organisation.

XSProject uses design & education to assist in cleaning up the environment and helping Indonesia’s poor.

  • XSProject purchases waste packaging from trashpickers who collect it from residential areas of Jakarta, Indonesia,
  • XSProejct provides sustainable employment to our craftspeople, making products using the cleaned waste plastic packaging material, discarded biliboards and car seat covers. 

The goals of XSProject are to:

  • Collect and re-use a maximize amount of waste thus diverting it from polluting the environment through landfill,
  • Create sustainable livelihoods,
  • Assist trashpickers and their Families in raising their education and living standards.

XSProject Products

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