Australian Architectural Hardwoods

Australian Architectural Hardwoods manufacture a variety of products from recycled hardwoods. We scour the countryside for timber that we salvage from the demolition of large buildings like old wool stores, army barracks and wharves.

This old timber is exceptionally beautiful and comes in a range of size and species that are fully seasoned and will not behave like green timber.

The Australian Architectural Hardwoods timber is transported to Kempsey where we take out any bolts and nails and pass the timber through a metal detector to ensure all have been removed, we then grade it and dry it (if necessary). Because this timber has been allowed to season gradually for a long period - sometimes around 100 years – it is more stable than most kiln dried timber.

This means we can guarantee our Australian Architectural Hardwoods products against significant warping and cupping. We specialise in North Coast Hardwoods that are arguably the best hardwoods in the world. 100% recycled timbers Delivery worldwide Expert advice Fully seasoned timbers.

Australian Architectural Hardwoods Products

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