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Carman Heating, a South Australian company has been designing and installing Hydronic heating solutions to houses throughout South Australia for over 30 years. Hydronic floor heating is widely used throughout Europe and is silent, efficient and economical, and with no fan-forced circulation of air, dust is minimised making it the healthy choice for allergy sufferers.

Hydronic floor heating gently radiates heat throughout your entire house by circulating heated water through polyethylene pipes strategically laid in the concrete floor during construction. Each area can be thermostatically controlled or excluded if required, and electronically controlled allowing automatic starting, finishing and temperature control. This creates the most comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly way of providing clean, even warmth throughout your entire home. Warmth from your feet up.

For existing homes Carman Heating can install radiator heating using the same principle as floor heating with the heated water running through radiators, installed in each room. Each radiator can be individually controlled or thermostatically controlled. This allows room temperature to be changed to suit individual needs. Radiators are available in steel panel, tubular steel and old-world cast iron, in many different heights and widths. Once a heat load is accessed on each individual room, radiator sizes are selected and installed.

Combination units of floor and radiator heating can be used in extensions or renovations to existing homes.

Water can be heated by either gas (natural or LPG), heatpump, wood, oil and solar, depending on client preferences. Multiple fuel sources can be used in each system which can reduce running costs or utilise current fuel trends.

Carman Heating can supply and install a large range of other energy efficient products, such as solar hot water systems, heat pumps and solar energy systems.

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