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Carbon Jar

Jar is a social enterprise that provides innovative ways to reduce your carbon footprint through carbon offset. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to totally ... more »

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Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Australia. A key tool in meeting this challenge will be new, low emission technologies that reduce the State's carbon... more »

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e3 Global 60 Day Carbon Challenge offers small-to-medium business a practical framework to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the new green economy. ... more »

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TAC Pacific

you adapt to new technologies and solutions, so that, over time, your buildings grow in value with the lowest carbon footprint and maximum... more »

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October Sun Enterprises

are also proud to be a joint co-ordinator of the Eco Kids program established to assist schools in decreasing their carbon footprint. Please visit our green website ... more »

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Earth Utility

costing some $2000. By installing solar hot water, you can save on your energy usage, energy bills and reduce your carbon... more »

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NSW Sustainable Schools

together. Sustainable Schools NSW encourges schools to: - Become more aware of their environmental impact and carbon footprint - Work out what actions they can ... more »

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GreenBizCheck is a world-leading organisation commited to providing organisations with state of the art CSR solutions.  With world leading cloud based ... more »

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Carbon Reduction Institute

The Carbon Reduction Institute has proven expertise in greenhouse reduction for organisations and individuals. We conduct emissions audits, life cycle analysis; ... more »

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Climate Positive

Climate Positive is a not-for-profit group working with eco businesses and households for real and long-term global warming solutions.  Climate Positive works ... more »

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Changsha Okay Energy Co., Ltd

The car exhaust emission do more and more harm to our environment. It's mainly caused by the deposit carbon in car engine. The dirty carbon deposit in engine ... more »

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GoGreen Creative

GoGreen Creative form powerful, effective marketing strategies and creative to leverage your eco-advantage. The green marketing space is a continuously changing ... more »

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Atmospheric Solutions

Atmospheric Solutions is an air quality and greenhouse gas consultancy providing high quality specialist services throughout Australia. Atmospheric Solutions offer ... more »

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Econokit Australia

What is Econokit? The external Econokit is an ingenious patented solution, which has been developed and patented by French companies. It reduces fuel consumption ... more »

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Space Ads

We are a media company focused on sustainable advertising mediums and promotional items. We communicate messages, we build brand awareness and we free the customer ... more »

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Home Retrofitting

Retrofitting Your Home is your ultimate online base for resources on how to retrofit your own home with your own hands. The website is to be read in adjunct to ... more »

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Carbon Neutral Ltd

People at Carbon Neutral Ltd seek to lower the ecological footprint and help to save Australian soil. We at Carbon Neutral Ltd will also be planting and ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Carbon Footprint Products

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Free CO2 Games

revenue from the games to purchase carbon offsets. So take 5 mins, play some of our games and reduce your carbon footprint for free with Free... more »

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Ecolimo Prepares For A Wedding Ecolimo Prepares For A Wedding

stress free trip to the airport or to and around town. In Sydney we can use the Toyota Prius with an even smaller carbon footprint (up to 85%* less emissions than ... more »

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COzero Home

bills and see the usage statements on all. When you want to offset, we ask you to offset a least of 25% of your carbon footprint. We support you to offset 100% ... more »

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Roy's Antique Furniture

Furniture at Roy’s Antiques are 100% organic, recycled and have their carbon footprint amortised over generations. All items shown on the website are guaranteed ... more »

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Eco Solutions and Advices

Climate Wave Enterprises gathered information and use them to draw plans and advices to reduce costs, resources and carbon footprint and lower environmental impacts. ... more »

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Carbon Footprint Analysis

Reduction Institute's Carbon Footprint is the total quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other Greenhouse Gases (GHG) released over the full life cycle of a product ... more »

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Eco Cooling System

Solar Whiz is a eco cooling device will make your home cooler without increasing electricity bills or your own carbon footprint. When fitted on your roof, it is ... more »

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  • roofing
LED Lighting Design and Installation

money on your electricity bill. Our LED Lighting Design and Installation of lamps is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint as well. For more information ... more »

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Edge Renewables Edge Renewables

that use energy from relic fuel resources have a carbon footprint. to lessen carbon footprints energy efficiency measures have a important role, if you want to ... more »

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Carbon Offset - Weekly Subscriptions

We offer weekly carbon offset subscription programs from just a few dollars every week where you can make a small regular payments to reduce your carbon emissio... more »

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 GreenBizCheck is a world-leading environmental certification company that helps businesses  - save money and resources - guaranteed    - create ... more »

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Office Certification

Greenbizcheck offers office based organisations a global online environmental assessment. Companies are provided with a 260+ point online assessment with immediate ... more »

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Corporate Sustainability Course

A comprehensive two (2) day sustainability course covering environmental issues, trends, regulations, green change management and critical implementation. Our ... more »

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The benefits of Econokit The Econokit can play an important role by enabling both significant financial savings and an efficient reduction of pollution emitted ... more »

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