Resource Tipshop

Resource Work Cooperative founded in 1993, is a self-funding workers’ cooperative based in Hobart, Tasmania which carries out a range of activities that include: supplying materials for your next renovation or art project, picking up your reusable goods for free and substantially deconstructing entire buildings. The cooperative functions with the objective of generating employment, reducing waste, and promoting waste minimization in the community.

Out of the host of resource management and landfill reduction initiatives, one of the initiatives- South Hobart Tip Shop is one. It is stocked with salvage from landfills, the goods that have never been sold, and have a chance to escape landfills and donations from the public. This shop features goods that other shops won’t accept and sells these at the cheapest prices. These goods include a wide range of building materials, books, records, clothing, homewares, and much more.

The shop also accepts, tests, and sells electrical goods like lights, computers, vacuums, kitchen appliances, stereos, and TVs. The shop also encourages the customers to donate their reusable goods through an easy and convenient drop-off lane behind the Tip Shop. A Tip Shop resource worker would help you in telling what we can accept. So come in today to take a step towards waste reduction and a better environment!

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