BlueSeaBlue Eco Clothing

 BlueSeaBlue Eco Clothing

Sustainable. Ethical. Gorgeous.

What makes BlueSeaBlue clothing so special? First, the fabric. It is made from high quality sustainable fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton.  Second, the production.  It is locally made in Brisbane to the highest standards, and is completely fair trade.  Next, the dye.  Because we are 100% committed to producing the most ethical, sustainable clothing possible, we hand dye every garment using low impact fibre reactive dyes.   This way we know that no nasty chemicals have been used at any point.  And finally our gorgeous designs, which are simple and elegant.  They're meant to be worn together and layered, creating a collection to be added to over the years, not a look to be worn for a season and thrown away.

BlueSeaBlue is a completely unique clothing line.  To find out more, see the designs or shop online visit We can also be found at the Northey St Organic Market on Sunday mornings.

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