At KittyWong, we're all about getting you into beautiful casual clothes made from organic cotton T shirts.

KittyWong has no scientific proof, but plenty of anecdotal evidence that somehow, some way, clothes made from high-quality organic cotton don't react with sweat the same as regular cotton does. It just doesn't seem to get stinky.

Soft cotton, and now sweet too! Organic denim jeans Jeans used to say 'worker', then came 'rebellion' and now there's so many options that jeans can tell the world whatever you want them to . . .

Why not tell the world you give a damn and that you have a taste for the good life? Kids & Babies T-shirts Dress your kids in the best nature has to offer, without interference from genetic engineers and chemical pesticide and fertiliser companies. They'll love the colours and the way the Ts feel. You won't have a battle getting them into these Ts.

 Playsuits Soft, all natural . . . really.

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