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Braemac Energy offices are located in all states throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. Entirely Australian owned, Braemac Energy has been established for over 21 years and employs in excess of 200 people.

Braemac is the largest electronic component distributor in Australia and has an extensive range of solar power products and services including:  solar and wind power installations, solar panels, inverters for Solar arrays, solar hot water, and all the solar accessories required any home solar installation - both remote and grid connect systems.

Braemac Energy provides sustainable, clean and green solar and wind energy solutions for households, businesses and Government enterprises seeking to enhance their green credentials. Our range of affordable energy-efficient options harness natural energy to generate solar power, wind power and solar hot water.

All of Braemac Energy's installations are underwritten with extensive industry knowledge and a comprehensive professional service. These ensure that you will benefit from a seamless transition to solar power and benefit from immediate energy savings in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. We have extensive experience in both the Australian Solar and Wind energy industry.

Highly skilled in the design and installation of Solar and Wind energy systems, our iinstallation technicians comply with all applicable Australian Standards. Braemac Energy also particpates in all government energy rebate schemes including the National Solar Schools Programme.

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