Clean Technology Solutions

Clean Technology Solutions is a small consultancy of chemical and electrical engineers. We also use networked resources (including: experts in effluent treatment, quality assurance systems, risk management, purchasing and scheduling, control systems, asset management, engineering planning, boiler water treatment and corrosion control).

All of these associates are trusted and have extensive industrial experience and knowledge.

Clean Technology Solutions specializes in the use of Dynamic Process Simulation to enable the sustainable use of materials and energy resources for manufacturing processes and water and energy services.

We aim to be the best facilitator for the adoption by our clients of Cleaner Production technology. We work collaboratively with client staff, transferring appropriate technology to them, supporting their efforts and empowering them to establish sustainable manufacturing within our clients’ organizations.

Clean Technology Solutions different from other consulting companies in that we’re keen to working together with your people. We don’t just talk about “partnering” - we build it into our work methodology. We measure our success by your success – in implementing sustainable process solutions.

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