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By going green with Earth Utility you wil have a positive, affordable and sustainable impact on the environment. An Australian enterprise established in October 2005, Earth Utility makes eco sustainability both simple and affordable. We offer a number of options to either eliminate or reduce your inital outlay for installing solar power and/or solar hot water systems through our innovative service model for which a patent is pending.


Earth Utility undertakes to find the optimum sustainable utilities solutions for our customers, thus avoiding the need for complicated choices and paperwork. We bulk buy from the best value wholesale suppliers and pass on the savings. Our customers can save up to 50 percent of their power bills by adopting our solar hot water and solar power electical systems.


Hot water is the biggest contributer to carbon emissions in the home and consums about 30 percent of the average electrical energy bill; this rises to around 50 percent if gas heating is used to heat the water. A 1KW solar power system will produce up to 1500KWh per year depending on climate conditions whilst the average houshold consumes around 6,000KWh pa costing some $2000. By installing solar hot water, you can save on your energy usage, energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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