Solar Water Heaters from Earth Utility

Why not use the sun's eco energy to heat the hot water you use in your home? Earth Utility can supply and install solar hot water systems which harness this clean, reliable source for heating water. Our solar water heaters can provide around 75% of all the hot water you need. Depending on the climate and the model of system you adopt; the remaining minority of your hot water needs can be satisfied from conventional carbon-generating means.

Earth Utility solar hot water systems have four major components: Collector panels collect the sun's heat and transfer it to water; a storage tank to hold the heated water; booster or top-up system to provide extra heat during cloudy days; and a freeze protection system to avoid ice forming in the pipes and collector.

Earth Utility systems use the solar collector panels, to convert sunlight to heat pipes attached to the collector plate. As the temperature of the water in the pipes increases it flows up through a header pipe to the storage tank. Cold water from the bottom of the storage tank is then drawn down to the bottom of the collector panels to be heated by the sun in a continuous cycle. Should there be insufficient sunlight to heat the water, and at night time, a backup electric or gas booster heats the water.

If you currently use off-peak electricity the booster will only run from 11pm to 7am and may run out of hot water on days with little or no sunshine. To avoid this you may need to switch your tariff to a minimum of Off-Peak 2 or the continuous tariff.


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