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Kulkyne Kampers are amongst the largest retailers of solar for the camping and caravaning industry. Kulkyne Kampers can offer you prices 20% to 40% below the price of other retailers.

Kulkyne Kampers are Australia's leading manufacturer of portable solar kits for camping, 4WD or RVs, Kulkyne Solar kits use high efficiency mono-crystalline cells to ensure that our portable systems are as small and compact as possible.

Kulkyne Kampers use super strong alloy frames to ensure that our solar panels are only 35mm thick but remain durable and strong.

Kulkyne solar panel kits come with the following:

25 year power warranty;
Compact size for portability;
Kits fold face-to-face to protect cells;
Australian Made Plasmatronics Regulator;
10 metres of heavy duty wire;
30 Day Money Back Guarantee;
Free Freight Insurance

Do you need solar? Generator? Dual battery? Which fridge is the mosy eco friendly? For many the most confusing aspect of living outdoors is identifying and arranging their power requirements. At Kulkyne Kampers we take pride ourselves in being able to answer all of these questions and in helping our customers choose the right products for the right price to satisfy their needs. We stock the three highest quality brand fridges available and can give you the right advice to make sure you get the best one you need.

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