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Solar Wind Systems vision is our passion. 

Solar Wind Systems (SWS) has been reliably servicing the industry since 2001 as an energy consultancy, with the primary objective to consult on renewable energy generation systems. Our energy consultancy includes advice on solar systems, wind energy and other Environmental Impact studies relating to alternative vehicle power and vehicle fuel use. Subsequently our services extend to supply and installation of solar and wind systems  for commercial and private use.

At SWS, because of increasing environmental awareness, concerns regarding climate change, the proposed carbon tax, increasing cost and growing demand for fuel and electricity we know that renewable energy will be an integral part of the world energy mix going forward. With this in mind, our mission is to assist in the reduction of permanent environmental impact, by promoting  the use of our abundant natural resources, i.e. sunshine and wind.

 A good yield from your roof

A major part of the Solar-Wind-Systems  vision and ambition is to promote the use of all unused roof space for the use of photovoltaic solar panels, solar hot water panels and swimming pool solar panels. Our ambition is to have all home owners making use of their roof space, thus becoming their own energy providers, making them independent of energy price hikes and providing them with ongoing revenue for electricity supplied to the grid. You could be part of this environmental and investment ambition.

We can offer advice and assistance on how to make best use of your roof space and to maximise the power yield from your roof. We understand that what matters to you is how much energy your system produces, what yield you get and how much this impacts on your electricity bill. We aim to ensure that through precise planning you will gain the optimum benefit and profitability throughout the entire life of your photovoltaic system. 

Our wide-ranging services reflect Solar Wind Systems's passion

 Solar-Wind-Systems consulting services, focus and aspirations are on renewable power generation to cement our sustainable future. This focus covers planning, design and installation in conjunction with all major suppliers and systems integrators, our consulting scope extends to energy efficiency, demand side management (DSM), and metering and educational tools for schools.

SWS also brings together experts from the fields of air conditioning, Solar hot water systems, solar swimming pool heating systems and voluntary behaviour change management to offer sustainable energy solutions for individual customers or on a whole-of-city basis.

Since the deregulation of the Electricity market in South-Australia, SWS is involved in DSM and consults businesses on energy matters including energy audits, strategic cost reduction and the supply and installation of power factor correction equipment. 

As a consultancy with exceptional knowledge, experience, design and technical skills our guarantee to our clients is total satisfaction. Our knowledge of the world’s leading solar technology manufacturers enables SWS to recommend the highest quality options for every individual project.

SWS reviews vehicle policies of major fleet operators with particular regard to vehicles environmental impact as a result of their fuel consumption and recyclability.

 Accreditation, professional membership and leadership

 SWS is an active member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC), formerly known as BCSE (Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy), who in August 2005 awarded SWS Managing Director, Ekkehard Groskreutz, full Accreditation (F1415) to design and install Photovoltaic Stand Alone Power Supply Systems.

Ekkehard Groskreutz  has a B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering and brings with him vast experience and demonstrated results in marketing, general and project management from 22 years in leading positions with the largest European manufacturer of construction and open pit mining equipment.

 Solar Wind Systems' Ongoing support

Our vast knowledge of the renewable energy industry, and state of the art technologies, in conjunction with our commitment to our client’s project success, allows us to provide continuing support and advice to all our clients, especially those just new to the renewable energy market. We have a thorough understanding of the ever changing Government regulations, rebates and policies and are always available to clarify our client concerns in this area.

Solar Wind Systems' philosophy

Respect for our environment, and a futuristic focus, forms the basis of our company philosophy. Our high levels of motivation demonstrate our commitment to protect and preserve the environment in every phase of our company’s business. We will actively promote our mission to reduce environmental impact by reducing our reliance on gas and coal by making the transition to renewable energy.

 The renewable energy revolution has begun. The future starts for all of us today. Today we all have an opportunity to change how the world consumes energy. We can make that change together.

 Solar Wind Systems' staff

All staff at SWS passionately aspires to the ideals of a sustainable future. Individually and as a team, we believe that nothing is more important than the utilisation of renewable resources in a way that will result in permanent and ongoing benefits for all inhabitants of our wondrous planet. We believe that leaving an environmentally sustainable planet for future generations is the responsibility of all of us.

 We value our close relationships with our clients, founded on respect and mutual trust. Our continuing goal to our clients is to provide an appropriate, creative, custom solution, and exceed your expectations for all your individual requirements. We will provide the expertise to create a sustainable energy solution and guide you in making your renewable energy project a success by making the most of our planet’s abundant natural resources.



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