Solartherm International

Solartherm International Pty Ltd, a private limited company was incorporated in Australia in 2001 to undertake the development of a rotationally moulded solar panel using Polyethylene. It has taken us over 5 years of intensive development and substantial developmental capital to finally succeed in manufacturing a solar panel, which meets our criteria of Durability and Performance Reliability.

We manufacture windproof and super efficient modern solar pool heating technology. Our technology is attractive, versatile and compact leaving no holes in your roof. With 100% of heat energy provided free by the sun, the only artificial energy used by the technology is to run the thermostatically controlled pump. Using Solartherm systems will save you a lot on your energy bills. Solatherm's minimal secluded structure is based on the modern attaching techniques that won't sway your rooftop's uprightness in any capacity.

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