The Sustainable Living Consultancy

A breakthrough web-based consultancy for existing housing throughout Australia. Save money - Do it simply - Best options for you. Company Our consultancy provides one-on-one detailed reports, product guides & DIY manuals, based on award-winning eco-technologies and proven trends from Australia and overseas.

The recommendations will enable you to SUBSTANTIALLY reduce grid energy and mains water use, as well as create a wonderful ambient temperature naturally inside your home for all but extremes in temperature, for existing homes anywhere in Australia.Our recommendations for your house include the latest developments in solar power / photovoltaics and other renewable energy technologies, including what's on the horizon.

The Sustainable Living Consultancy provides a combination of solutions, in addition to a complete non-solar / photovoltaics, substantial energy savings strategy.

Product Range The report process is conducted via the internet, email and mail and is as simple as :

1) Filling out our climate and rainfall based questionnaire

2) Include floor and site plan photocopies, or sketch on the graph paper provided, showing east / west morning and afternoon sun, window/wall entry points for both winter & summer and other details as requested. Provide other details as requested - mainly yes / no tick boxes

3) Provide photographs of your house and gardens or photo printouts as described in the questionnaire

4) Return to us by mail or email

5) We provide you with a detailed Report and Product Guide including professional DIY Support Manual by mail.

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