ThinkLED specialise in providing superior LED lighting solutions to you for your home, work and surrounding areas.

LED lighting has a long list of benefits including:

•  Up to a 40,000 hour lifespan – that equals 12   hours a day for 10 years
• A minimum of 50% saving (up to 90%) on electricity costs
• A quick return on investment
• A vast reduction in heat output
• No UV light - which means no insect attraction
• Reduced heat lowering the risk of fire
• A longer lifespan meaning less maintenance
• Easy installation with direct swap into existing light fittings
• And no mercury content unlike Compact Fluorescent Lights

ThinkLED provide tailored specific LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, ranging from replacement household LED light globes to specialised warehouse LED lighting systems.

LEDs shine longer, use less energy and are upto 80% more efficient; Save the environment one globe at a time! Contact ThinkLED today!

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