APC Environmental Management

A Prince Consulting trading as 'APC', is a multi-disciplinary eco company offering practical hands-on experience and expertise in all aspects of waste management and resource recovery.

Anne Prince established based on her extensive experience in initiating and pioneering waste minimisation and management programs within Australia, which were then successfully translated internationally.

APC differentiates itself from other consultancies by adopting a hands-on approach rather than using desk-top responses in developing answers for clients.

This philosophy has ensured the company’s growth to one of Australia’s leading waste and environmental specialty companies. Our waste auditing experience is unrivalled, with over 40,000 households audited nationally since 1997.

APC specialises in:

• Remote area and island community waste management plans and solutions

• Detailed waste auditing of single- and multi-material waste streams

• Extensive community consultation and stakeholder engagement

• Detailed statistical analysis

• Materials recovery facility operations and reviews

• Resource recovery solutions

• Alternate waste disposal technology options

• Landfill assessment

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