Alluvium Consulting Australia - ACT

Alluvium is an employee‐owned consulting organisation focused on the sustainable management of rivers, catchments and water resources. Our technical expertise is aligned with water resource management, waterway and catchment health, river and flows science, environmental engineering, environmental impact assessment, urban waterway and wetland design and the sustainability of natural assets.

Our business is geared to provide clients with a highly personalised service that focuses on technical excellence. With offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville, we service local, national and international clients. 

We are a niche firm and we deliberately operate at the opposite end of the spectrum to the large multinational consultancies. We bring together teams of professionals who are also experts in their fields. In doing so, we seek out those people and firms that are truly leaders in ecology, cultural heritage, flora and fauna, instream ecology and hydrology.

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