Bes Bushfire & Environmental Services

BES is one of Australia's largest and most dynamic bushfire and environmental consultancies. Established in 1994, we have enjoyed significant growth over the past decade and are widely recognised as a leader in our field.

Our aim is to provide clients in both the public and private sector with highly innovative and cost-effective solutions using cutting edge research and technology. It makes the usual negotiation between consultants from different companies unnecessary.

Your project is essentially fast-tracked, saving you precious time and money. The sharing of knowledge enables us to pioneer solutions that are superior to those created by independent disciplines.

BES was founded, in part, to enable clients to benefit from cutting edge research into bushfires and environmental matters. Prior to our inception much of this research was often ‘trapped' in the world of academia.

Our formal training in science enabled us to unlock the knowledge and translate it into practical solutions for clients and projects.This ability to apply the science is advantageous in many ways.

Should you, for example, require our services for legal matters, our capacity to back up our opinions with solid science ensures our evidence is far more valuable than consultants who rely solely on their ‘experience'.

Innovative solutions The combination of our experience and expertise, our unique mix of disciplines and our ability to take advantage of cutting edge research means we can:

Find solutions to problems other consultants label impossible Identify problems and provide solutions more quickly – in a ten minute meeting rather than protracted half day sessions

Make you aware of all the potential obstacles upfront – so you don't get stuck half way down the track

Offer you a variety of options that won't just result in your project being successful - they'll also save that valuable stand of trees or threatened species at the same time.

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