At Ecofund we're committed to protecting and enhancing our natural environment by delivering cost effective commercial solutions - one environmental offset, one carbon management plan and one renewable energy or carbon offset opportunity at a time.

Ecofund is an innovative environmental services provider, assisting businesses and government to navigate through the complexities of the carbon, energy and environmental offset markets.  Our core business is advising entities on their transition to a carbon priced economy, and assisting developers to meet their environmental offset requirements as they counterbalance the impact of their developments.

We have a proven track record providing a diverse range of specialised products and services to simplify and assist in preparing for a carbon price and managing environmental impacts.  We offer professional services such as:

Carbon Farming: Including project management and implementation, and carbon forestry advice.

Land Based Offsets: Including offset management plans and implementation.

Carbon and Renewable Energy Transactions: Including carbon management strategy development and implementation and buying and selling carbon offsets (domestic and international).

Carbon and Renewable Energy Advisory: Including NGERS preparation and supply chain analysis.

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