Lopees Pty Ltd

Lopees is an enviro-friendly reusable envelopes made from organic cotton that can be used for any payment and correspondence for schools, sporting clubs, childcare centres, pre-schools, businesses and any number of other uses. We have 10 different designs for all green solutions. Starting from our envelope size Lopees, DL, Library bag, A4, Reader folder, A3 Internal mail and A3 Portfolio.
All our reusable envelopes are made from organic cotton grown in India, free from pesticides and chemicals,which further helps the environment.

The organic cotton material is strong, washable and hard-wearing and the envelope consists of a zip across the top which makes it safe and secure for all enclosures.

Lopees is made from our Manufacture in India, which makes our products to our design. Our supplier uses a Fair Trade System - from the worker to exporter shares in the proceeds. The workers are men and women from 20 - 40 year olds who have suffered hardship and have been retrained into sewing.


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