Bakers Investment Group

Bakers Investment Group provides clients with eco Funds Management and Corporate Finance services. We are a financial services firm focused on providing integral and specialised services for alternative energy companies and their institutional investors.

Bakers Investment Group provides eco Funds Management services to Institutional and Retail Investors. We are a boutique fund manger, dedicated to understanding, not just participating, in tomorrow's thematics. Bakers applies its expertise to research and analyse key investment opportunities in global financial markets. This research and analysis is used in the development and operation of innovative products focuses on delivering proven out-performance for our clients.

Bakers provides a range of investment and research products designed to assist our clients including charitable trusts, corporations, superannuation funds, family trusts and individuals. These products include:

• Funds Management
• Investment Indices
• Economic esearch
• Company Analysis

Bakers Investment Group also provides Corporate Finance Services to companies operating in the Alternative Energy Sector. Through the firm’s resources and our global network of partners, we provide capital market solutions through services including:

• Equity Research,
• Investor Relations,
• Capital Funding,
Research and Advisory,
• Primary and Secondary
Listing Services,
• Private Placements
• Roadshow and Investor

Bakers Investment Group Products

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