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INKOM Wealth Management is a boutique independently owned financial planning business which offers a wide range of financial advice and wealth management services.

We have highly experienced financial planners providing quality high value advice to clientson:

• Financial Planning and Investment Management

• Workplace and Business Financial Planning

• Islamic Financial Planning

• Private Wealth Management

• Personal and Business Insurance

• Estate planning, Philanthropy and Private Ancillary Funds

• Mortgage Lending

• Business management Consulting and Entrepreneurial Advisory

At INKOM Wealth Management Financial Planning Sydney, we believe our extensive knowledge of client needs and circumstances allows us to provide the most appropriate advice pro-actively, ongoing and throughout the different stages of life. We are dedicated to helping people build wealth from early on in life, throughout their working life and through to retirement. Because retirement these days is often a longer term affair, more complex planning and innovative thinking isneeded early on to ensure people can enjoy the best possible quality of life and life-style, based on income generated from the assets collected during their working life and maintained over time.

We are privately owned and not affiliated with any bank, fund manager or other financial institution.

We do not charge for an initial consultation. Our fee structure flexible and is driven by your needs - not ours!

Our advice comes with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Becoming a client of INKOM Wealth Management gives you access to appropriate advice and assists in making your financial dreams and aspirations become a reality. Our staff have been recognised as industry leaders in providing financial advice with a commitment to the highest level of excellence in service to our clients. INKOM Wealth Management bases its philosophy on having a team that can confidently offer expert advice across the full spectrum of financial services. The advisers have a comprehensive background in financial planning, investments, SMSF superannuation,derivatives, estate planning, asset protection, art and alternatives, accounting and taxation, and MBA education which are used extensively indesigning unique cutting-edge strategies for our clients.

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